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Bspk Solar

Bspk Solar Calculator & Configurator

Helping you work out your requirements & building a suitable system for your project.

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About Bspk Solar

A new and unique approach to
designing and building off grid solar systems

After building our own campervan and wanting it to be as off grid as possible we realised what a minefield it was trying to understand, how to design and spec a solar system. Which components are compatiable or suitable for a certain application? How much solar do you need? What size battery bank? Lithium vs AGM Batteries?

We set out to build a system that helps our customers both design a suitable system for their requirements.

  1. Calculating your Requirements
  2. Solar Panels and Controller
  3. Split and Shore Charging
  4. Inverter
  5. Batteries
  6. System Monitoring

We will be looking to introduce more products to our range in the coming months as well as building similar systems for off grid tiny homes and even domestic applications.

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