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Build List

We understand the process of doing a conversion is an exciting time, yet can also feel daunting. There is going to be a large number of different components that you will need at different stages of your project.

For that reason we have created our Build List, it allows you to add any products from our website you may want either now or in the future. It saves these products into your Build List which then you can add to your basket at any time.

This list can be a great point of reference and easily allows you to check availability and even check for special offers.

In order to use the Build List, all you need to do is register, then you can start adding as many items as you want to your Build List.

If you have products on your Build List that are special offer and you are signed up to our newsletter then you will get notifications of these offers.

Can also be a really handy resource if you are one of those people everyone says is a 'nightmare' to buy for come Birthday's or Christmas, as you can use gift vouchers against items on your build list.

To view your build list or register Click Here

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