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Affiliates & Influencers

Do you have an active social media following interested in Vanlife? Campers? Conversions? Narrowsboats? Tiny Houses?

Do you have a business with links to off grid solar installations?

Are you interested in recieving upto 5% commission on all your customers purchases directly each month?

We are very keen to work with influencers and affiliates, we understand that your following values your opinion and that a brand endorsement or recommendation can carry strong weight. We are therefore willing to reward you with a commission of upto 5% back on all your customer purchases. Historically businesses would invest in print or magazine marketing we would much rather invest in people and their stories. We know some of our affiliates use this commission to be able to travel and live the vanlife lifestyle indefinitely.

Become an Affiliate?

You can just fill in the link below, however we would rather people email us first, have a chat, understand abit about each other. No two affiliates are ever the same, if you can help us in other ways such as imagery, blog articles, video, social content, we would much rather work with long standing partners on projects like this.

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