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About Us

Bspk Solar was formed at the point when I was converting my own van and realised that information around off grid solar installations for campers and vanlifers was very limited.

We travel as much as we can and planned to be completely self suffienct on the road which we understand is the goal for many vanlifers. It was a long process gathering all the information available to work out complete van usage, then work out suitable panels and system components.

We decided to build a complete system that does all this work for our customers and you end up with a full list of usage, requirements and components.

We work with a number of vanlifers to share our experiences and knowledge of our builds to ensure you have the smoothest conversion possible.

As we live on the road ourselves part-time we don't have huge stock-holding and aren't always available to offer next day delivery, but we can offer quality products at good prices and pride ourselves on our customer service. However the plan is to increase this as we grow.

We supply to the trade, public and self convertors.

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Helping you work out your requirements & building a suitable system for your project.

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